We Hate iOS 14.5

Instead of prepping our Facebook accounts for this new hellscape, we decided to launch an apparel line to celebrate how much we hate iOS14.

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We're Marketers. And We're Lost.

Hear What our customers have to say!

These shirts make me feel like Tim Apple isn't ruining FB Ads and my revenue!

Mark Zuckerburg

Who needs cookies when you have the comfiest products that give a big middle finger to Apple???

Evan Spiegel

I would rather have "I Hate iOS 14" apparel than my entire net worth!

Jeff Bezos

We'll Probably Get a C&D

But we don't care, we'll be laughing to the bank, just like Tim Cook when he screws over the ad industry! (also there's no way he finds this page, and now we cant serve ads to him anyways)